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I am just a girl in love with a boy that lives oh so far away.





This just brought me to tears in two fucking seconds and I usually fight so hard to keep this kind of meltdown from happening.

I hate when people say that Internet-based long distance relationships aren’t real relationships.

You people don’t know anything.

You don’t understand the lack of judgement that comes with stumbling across someone online. The fear that comes with hoping that someone as perfect as this can exist. The incredible joy you feel when they prove that they do.

You’ve never come to rely on someone so much that they become the only ones who can understand why you’re so upset. You’ve never experienced such a deep yearning for someone else’s touch, that it can leave you shaking and unable to breathe at night, and the only thing that can calm you is the sound of their voice.

I can only hope that one day, I can be as lucky as these two people and get the opportunity to be able to have this moment… When I can step off a plane and see him waiting for me with my favorite flowers, and I can leap into his arms and smash them against his chest and not even care, because he’d be there with me.. And he’d be all mine.

This fucking photo set always gets me. I’m just hoping with everything I have that nothing else goes wrong and May hurries up.

If it wasn’t for the internet I never would have met my fiance. We lived over 960 miles apart from one another and there is no way we ever would have found one another because I was raised so differently from her.
But, thanks to the web I did. And we’ve been together almost six years now. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m so happy to have her in my life. I’m one lucky son’of’a’gun. Long distance internet relationships can work, if you are willing to make them. It can seem hard at first, and yes people will put it down and say its not a “real relationship” but I assure you it is, and some day you can show them that.

PS: Running into the arms of someone you love for the first time at the airport…its worth it. so worth it.

Look that’s great and everything but how about you source the god damn art instead of just changing it to black and white and not crediting the artists. 

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Hello Everyone!

Big news, me and the Mr. just celebrated our one year anniversary! it was difficult being apart but the time we spend together now makes up for it all, i love him and he loves me, it is important for everyone to know that distance can be conquered! If your feelings are strong you can overcome anything.


I wanna go home :’( I’m homesick


I wanna go home :’( I’m homesick


Hearts Worlds Apart |


Hearts Worlds Apart |